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Improv training with Bill Applebaum of SCTV Allumni


Cold Reading: Duane Whitaker


Casting Director Classes:

Patti Kalles/Deryn Warren/Amy Jo Berman & also Hollwood's Talent Manager Wendy Alaine Weight 


Various Voice Coaches: Elizabeth Sabine/Susan Carr/Nelson Del Pino & Roger Fisher 


Basic Martial Arts/Kapap Stunts:

Frank Dux/Sky Benson/Jacov Bressler & Spice Williams Crosby


Location: North Hollywood, CA

Willing to travel-Update Passport

                                                     Bio and Training

K.K. Ryder is an American Actress, VO Artist and Singer-Songwriter raised a midwest farmers daugher from Plainfield Illinois. Who now resides in Los Angeles California.

In 2014 she was cast in 2 Pilots in supporting roles and a guest star on Spice William-Crosby's reality TV show 'I Fight for my Life'.
She was recently cast in a supporting role in the feature 'Exile Corporation'. Her song was also chosen for the soundtrack.


KK has had both lead and supporting roles in 4 Len Kabasinski features and has been a "guest" on the reality TV based show 'I Fight for my Life', hosted by Spice Williams Crosby (Klingon in Star Trek 5).

Further I had the lead VO role for "Keepsakes" an audiobook by Staci Layne Wilson, a VO for a short film by Masked Films, and I appear on the soundtrack as a character in the comic Caffeine Poisoned by Scattered Comics, as well as having my likeness in the comic book Fangs#1by Comic Book Divas. Recently I voiced and produced 2 ACX Audible audiobooks & hired Marc-Graue Studios to produce my animation/games reel.

I am typically cast by casting directors who know me or have given me call


I have interned in Los Angeles for Crystal Lujan. I am usually cast as military personal, police detective, prison guard or inmate, biker babe, country girl, nurse, wife, mom, Sexy "Kim Cattrall" type as well as the nosey lady next door and various evil colorful characters.

I can perform basic stunts, weaponry and can send and sell for the camera a mean right camera trained hook which I was trained by Frank Dux of BloodSport fame and have shared the stage with some of the "Who's who in Rock n Roll and Blues.

Please feel free to frequently visit my Website for more head shots/resume updates/IMDB/Actors Access/Voice overs news as well as Possible Soundtrack material and more!

Thank you for your time. K.K. Ryder 818-495-5395 

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